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Episode 66: Insight from Entertainment Attorney, Kamal Moo (part 2)

Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney Kamal Moo has just written  The Straightforward Guide to the Music Biz, a guide that’s free of jargon, easy to understand, and above all else, helpful to any aspiring musician…as well as to some veterans.

Moo has first-hand experience that will give your audience helpful advice and direction, clearing up many misconceptions and clarifying important topics regarding the music industry. Among the topics he discusses are: copyrights, mechanical licenses, the difference between musical compositions and sound recordings, starting a band; general partnerships, record deals, touring, artist managers, music attorneys, and more.

Throughout his career, Kamal Moo has represented musicians from various genres of music as both personal manager and attorney. He has negotiated small indie deals and multi-million-dollar agreements, and everything in between. His clients include recording artists, producers, record labels, music publishers, and other figures in the entertainment industry.

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